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David Newman or Durga Das, as he is also known, is a Kirtan Chant Artist and a practitioner and educator of Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of love. David's music, rooted in the ancient yogic tradition of sound as a healing path toward self discovery (Nada Yoga), embodies a devotional mysticism, distinctive musicality, poetic intimacy and a deep respect for India's ancient chant tradition.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Archives

Thought you all would enjoy this.
Me in my first band - Asphodel. Circa 1978.
Found it on Facebook. Imagine that!
Love, David - an older one :-)


Namaste Everyone,

I just returned from the sunshine state (Florida) and had a wonderful tour. Mira and I were joined by guitarist Rama Bala and many wonderful sunshine brothers, sisters and elders too - Mira's mother, Rhoni joined us! PS. Rhoni...elder is a term of respect; you're younger in heart than all of us! :)

The events were truly light filled with stops in Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Delray Beach, Vero Beach, St. Augustine and Sebastian. We finished with our second Kirtan College course at Kashi Ashram. Talk about bliss, wow! Between the wonderful participants, the vibration and beauty of Kashi Ashram, the depth of Bhakti sharing and soooo much Kirtan, we were all transported to another world - I think it's actual the real 'real' world!! I said to a friend the other day, I know this sounds strange but upon coming home, I feel like I was 'recovering from bliss' - talk about a contradiction in terms. Maybe I was just gettin' my feet back on the ground! <3

I must say that the journey just seems to get sweeter and sweeter. As I travel, it is an interesting duality to behold. The news speaks of scarcity and fear and my experience is one of joy and abundance. More and more I find that so much of life comes from how we choose to experience it. As a good friend/teacher once said to me - "we can either choose to grow through suffering or joy...and I choose joy!" So, may I suggest that same choice - to believe in the greatness of Spirit and the abundance of heart rather than fear based thought forms. This is a time for all of us to prove what we have known in our hearts all along - that grace surrounds us, that the goodness of life always provides for us and that joy is the one true principle of our soul. Please pass along that the 'doom and gloom' reality is dying and it is up to us, as spiritual community, to give it its last swift kick out of our cultural consciousness. Through our prayers, practices and meditations may we all find the guidance to take action and reach out in ways that will support our beloveds, our community and planet in choosing joy and manifesting beauty in and around us! LET'S GO FOR IT!!!

Always Love,